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Mustbecindy Slim gel and Detox

Mustbecindy Slim gel and Detox

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Slimming Gel Gel Reductor
Limited Edition / Limited Quantities 
Concentrated formula with Coconut oil and chamomile 
  • Cellulite 
  • Stretch Marks
  • With Collagen to help firm and tighten skin
  • For men , women and children
  • Helps with Bruising , inflammation
  • Varicose veins
  • Pain (Back Pain, Headaches etc.) 
  • Arthritis 
  • Made with all Natural Plant and Herbs 
  • Breastfeeding safe 
  • With Rosemary to help Helps reduce fat deposits
NOTE: ❌ There are no cancellations allowed on this collection.
Apply a quarter size amount on clean dry skin in circular motion until absorbed 
Helps reduce fat deposits 
Helps reduce inches 
Helps reduce cellulite 
Helps reduce stretch marks 
Helps reduce inflammation 
Helps with reduce pain 
Helps sooth bruising 
-Reduce bloating,
-Reduce the appearance of scars 
-Helps with stretch marks,
-Helps Break down Fat Deposits to help
-Reduce cellulitis, alleviates menstrual cramp pain, varicose veins,
-Reduce inches,
-Inflammation caused by Arthritis,
and muscle aches, General aches and pain 
Avoid eye area 
Avoid open wounds or cuts 
Suggested use
Apply (A small amount) a quarter size amount in circular motion on clean dry skin
(Back of legs, Stomach, Back of arms, Between legs)
Can be used with or without shapewear
Can be applied with our osmosis wrap
(Optional but not required)
Can be used alone
Spanish / Español
Ayuda con dolores musculares 
Ayuda a bajar tallas 
Ayuda con varices 
Elaborado a base de Plantas y Hierbas 100% Naturales
Con Colágeno para reafirmar la piel
Reduce pulgadas
Contiene Romero que es in desinflamante natural
Ayuda con las estrías
Ayuda con las cellulitis
Reduce pulgadas
Reduce inflamación
Ayuda con Dolores Musculares
en el abdomen
se puede usar con o sin faja
🌿Detox Capsules
🍃No Caffeine
🍃Orders ship in order sequence.
Detox Cleanse 
Plant and Herb Based 
Promotes healthy and regular bowel movements 
Flush accumulated Built-up that cause irregularity, gas, inflammation and intestinal bloating. 
Limpieza Digestiva 
Elaborado a base de plantas y hierbas 
Promueve una digestión Saludable y regular 
Desintoxicador Intestinal para inflamación de gases y hinchazón intestinal 
Desinflamante del estómago 
Plant and Herb Based Capsule Detox,
Helps with irregularity and bloating,
Helps lower cholesterol, Helps Lower Diabetes (Sugar Levels) , Uric Acid
Desintoxicador Natural para el Intestino, Rinon, Higado, Pancreas, Pulmon, Desinflamante del Estómago
Ayuda con el Diabetes, Cholesterol, Acido Urico 
One capsule with plenty of water an hour before bed 
30 Detox Pills One Month supply 
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