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KL Multi Vitamins Pills

KL Multi Vitamins Pills

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100% All Natural

Non GMO 


36 Vitamins and Mineral 

for Men, Women, Children

two pills after food with plenty of water 

safe to take if Pregnant and Nursing 

Serving Size: 2 Tablets 


Vitamin-1 (30MG)

Vitamin-2  (30MG)

Niacin (15MG)

Vitamin A (2,500IU)

Vitamin B-5  (50MG)

Vitamin B-6  (30 MG)

Vitamin C   (200MG)

Vitamin D   (200 MCG)

Vitamin E   (30IU) 

Vitamin K (80MCG)

Folic Acid (200MCG)

Biotin (600 MCG)

Choline (50 MCG)

Inositol (50 MCG)


Trace Minerals (10MG) 

Zinc  (30MG)

Copper 2MG

Selenium (200MCG)

Magnesium (20MG)

Calcium (200MCG)

Molydenum (200 MCG)

Potassium  (30MG)

Vanadium (200 MCG)

Iodine (200 MCG)

Bentionite (mg)

Black Cohosh (40 mg)

Chamomile (40mg)

Passion flower (40 mg)

Skull Gap (40m) 

Valerian root (50 mg)

Capsicum (10mg)

Iron (18mg)

Manganese (4mg)

Chromium (200 mcg)


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