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High blood pressure weight loss combo Alta Presión

High blood pressure weight loss combo Alta Presión

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100% All natural detox for the intestines, kidneys, liver, pancreas and lungs 

Made with 27 plants and herbs such as omega 3,6,9

helps reduce bloating 

helps expel accumulated toxins 

helps with digestive problems 

relieves constipation and irregularities

helps reduce uric acid 

helps reduce cholesterol levels 



Contains collagen to help firm and tight skin 

Helps reduce cellulite 

helps reduce abdominal bloating 

helps reduce appearance of stretch marks 

helps reduce inflammation (feet, legs)

Helps reduce inches 

Helps break down fat cells



Gives your metabolism a boost,provides natural energy, fat burning thermogenic plants, helps reduce bloating, perfect as a pre work out, helps stimulate digestion, helps improve circulation, increase mental alertness, Croatians no artificial sugar or calories, helps eliminate excess water retention.



KL Certified Organic Pure Aloe Vera

•Helps with inflammation 

 •Helps with digestive problems 

 •Helps joints by repairing and encouraging the production of collagen and elastin  

•Helps expel toxins 

•Helps lower blood sugar levels  

•Helps heal burns 

 •Helps treats canker sores  

•Helps reduce heart burn 

 •Helps alleviate menstrual pain and discomfort 

 •Helps boost fertility and normalize menstrual cycles  

•Helps promote hair growth 

•Helps strengths the immune system 




Complete Nutritional Meal Replacement 

Slim Shape Shake Whey Isolate Protein with a powerful blend of 27 fruits and Vegetables, Vitamins and Minerals 

it is easy and convenient to prepare. It is an excellent addition to

your weight management program. 100% All Natural with 30 Grams of Protein  

Can be used as a pre or post work out 



El Aloe Vera una vez abierto se pone en el refrigerador
Se puede tomar con el Shake

1-Aloe y Shake por la Mañana

2- Te de energía al medio día después de su comida
Una no dos cucharitas tiene su medida adentro. Mezcle con agua caliente.

3- Desintoxicador una cucharada en agua al tiempo mezclé y tome al momento

4- Gel reductor no tiene horario.
Se puede aplicar en el abdomen, Dolor de espalda, dolor de pies,
Es un desinflamante externo
Ayuda para golpes, varices, Dolores musculares

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