Complete Digestive Cleanse (Detox Combo)

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Complete Digestive Cleanse (Detox Combo)

Here is everything you need to perform a digestive cleanse 


Products made with 100% natural ingredients 


All Natural Aloe Vera Take 2-4 ounces daily 


Take two capsules of colon detox capsules daily 

 -Before going to bed, mix the All Natural Detox powder with water at room temperature 

 A One Month supply for both men and women 


Shake and take the Aloe in the morning 
Once you open it please place it in the fridge 
Then follow with two Detox capsules 
At night before bed 
Add one tablespoon to a glass 
Mix with room temperature water 
Mix well and drink 
Water 4-8oz more or less just enough to mix 


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