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Breast feeding Combo (PostPartum Combo)

Breast feeding Combo (PostPartum Combo)

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Safe to take while Breastfeeding or Pregnant 

Biotin- Hair loss , Brittle Nails , Skin, Dry eyes
(if you prefer the gummies please add a note in the special instructions section when checking out. 
Collagen Powder or Pills (If you prefer Pills please add a note on the special instructions section upon check out) 
Joints, Hair, Bones, Skin, Cellulite 
Slimming Gel
Helps firm and tighten skin
Helps reduce inches, cellulite, stretch marks
Nutritional Shake with 27 Fruits and Vegetables
No Sugar
Certified Organic
GMP Approved
KL Aloe Vera
•Helps with inflammation
•Helps with digestive problems
•Helps joints by repairing and encouraging the production of collagen and elastin
•Helps expel toxins
•Helps lower blood sugar levels
•Helps heal burns
•Helps treats canker sores
•Helps reduce heart burn
•Helps alleviate menstrual pain and discomfort
•Helps boost fertility and normalize menstrual cycles
•Helps promote hair growth
•Helps strengths the immune system

Safe to consume while Breastfeeding 

Collagen + C Hydrolyzed Radiant Glow

Collagen is one of the various types of protein found in skin, bone, muscle and internal organs.
Collagen is necessary for the proper functioning of these tissues.
Hydrolyzed collagen is the product resulting from bone and cartilage that has been broken down 
into small components that collectively are referred to as gelatin, more specifically, 
hydrolyzed collagen is made up of the resulting short individual peptides (3 helices) that result from
braking up the long chain triple helix protein

- Rejuvenates skin tone, Diminishing Wrinkles and grooves
- Nourish And strengthen Nails
- Improves hair quality and thickness
- Curbs appetite 
- Increases energy and endurance

Vitamin A,
Vitamin E,
Malic Acid,
Flax seed,
Bio Minerals,
Vitamin C,
Glut amine,
Orange flavor,

El colágeno es uno de los diversos tipos de proteína que se encuentra en la piel,
huesos, músculos y órganos internos.
El colágeno es necesario para el buen funcionamiento de estos tejidos.
el colágeno hidrolizado es el producto resultante de hueso y cartílago
que se procesa en pequeños componentes y que  colectivamente
se hace referencia como la gelatina, con un alto contenido de aminoácidos brinda 
a nuestro organismo una mejor formacion de protreinas.

- Hidrata la Piel, Rejuveveneciendola 
  y disminuyendo las arrugas
- Nutre y Fortalece las uñas
- Mejora la calidad del cabello y su grosor
- Reduce el apetito colaborando con las dietas
- Incrementa la energia y resistencia

Biotin Ingredients 
(Other ingredients) 
Rice Flour

Aloe Vera
Aloe Vera Leaf Juice,
Purified water,
Citric acid,
Potassium sorbet,
Sodium Benzoato

Slim Shake 
(Shown in Picture)

Slimming Gel Ingredients 
(Shown in Picture)

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