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Pure NV Platinum Weight Loss (Stronger Starter Combo)

Pure NV Platinum Weight Loss (Stronger Starter Combo)

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Platinum Weight Loss Combo 

One Month Supply 

Pure NV Platinum is our newest Exclusive proprietary blend of thermogenic fat burning plants and herbs for maximum results. 

Accelerate the metabolism, reduce cravings, reduce appetite, increase energy, KL Detox to help reduce bloating, regulate the digestive system, expel accumulated toxins, Slimming Gel to help firm and tighten skin reduce inches and cellulite. Start your morning with our KL Tea to provide you with a burst of energy. Replace one meal with our KL Nutrition shake with 27 fruits and Vegetables, Vitamins and minerals. 


Detox Ingredients

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Omega 3, 6, 9
Garcinia Cambogia
Green Tea
Sen Leaf
Flax seed
Aloe vera ( Zabila)
Uva Ursi
Licorice Root
Boldo Leaf
Dandeleon Root
papaya Juice
Cascara Sagrada
Senna Leaf
Psyllium Husk
Apple fiber

-Detox is taken once a day one hour before bed take one tablespoon in 6-8 oz of water

Tea-In the Morning add one scoop for every 4 oz of hot water 

Pure NV -To be taken 2-3 hours after taking the KL Tea just one Capsule with plenty of water 

Slimming Gel- Apply a small amount in circular motion on area you would like to reduce 

Nutritional Slim Shape Shake is to replace one meal with 27 fruits and vegetables Vitamins and minerals (Breakfast, or Dinner) 


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